Dean Speech


In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

With the blessing of God and the efforts of our distinguished professors, the College of Computer Science (Computer College) was established in the year 1998 - 1999 as the first college specialized in these sciences in Iraq in order to keep pace with scientific development in this vital field. The twenty-first century is the undisputed era of information technology. The pace of knowledge in this college has accelerated and hundreds of bachelor’s degree holders and dozens of master’s holders have graduated to take their positions in all governmental and private departments and at the level of Iraq. Despite the dark attack at the beginning of 2014 that struck our university and our college, all of the college’s members elected to Continuing scientific giving in alternative sites (here we must thank the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the universities of Baghdad, Al-Nahrain, Kirkuk, and Al-Mustansiriya) which have shown assistance to continue our giving. Despite all these circumstances, there are distinguished scientific achievements through obtaining prestigious scientific awards for the college’s professors and students at the local and international levels. We also had the honor of contributing to the completion of the computer and English language proficiency exam for applicants for postgraduate studies, and it is one of four colleges in Iraq assigned this task. . With God's help, we are moving at a steady pace to restore what the evil people destroyed and to expand horizontally and vertically to expand this distinguished academic edifice. Here we must thank all the college’s members, including professors and employees, for their sincere efforts for the continuity of giving and working outside the scope of routine to advance this college and continue its scientific giving.




The Deen




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