Units of College

Legal Unit:

1. Save and update binders personnel.

2. Division of quality assurance and university performance

3. personnel management system of the College and send the rotating presidency of the university to positions.

4. Follow-up developed on the nature of university labor laws.

Angel Unit:

1. Mohamed Faraj



Administrative Unit: 

1. Pick-up and deliver the mail on a daily basis to and from the presidency of the university.

 2. According to the daily mail distribution Aidip. 

3. Khvarat civil defense organization.

4. The daily follow-up staff contracts at the college.



5. Remember administrative books for college (incoming and outgoing).

Angel Unit:

1. Yasser Mubarak

2. Hussam Mohamed



Information and Public Relations Division:

1. clarify the overall image in front of other parties

2. documentation of events, seminars and Alnehrjanat inside and outside the college.

3. supervision of the media releases from posters and magazines, among others.

Section Adminstrator:

1. Ass. Teacher : Waleed Kareem Awad

 Angel Unit:

 1. Asst. Teacher : Shokhan Mohmoud 



Registration and Student Affairs:

1. reception of new students and the completion of acceptance and surrender transactions.

2. updated version lists for students of all levels.

3. Follow-up link with the Student Affairs Division of the presidency of the university.

4. Prepare documents graduating students and audited.

Section Adminstrator:

1. Ahmad Najem

 Angel Unit:

2. Ali Hazem

3. Khaleda Abdul Razak

4. Nuha Ibrahim


Unit Maintenance:

1. periodic maintenance of the buildings of the College of civil, electrical and mechanical aspects.

2. Follow-up technical teams sent from the presidency of the university.

3. Action statements of materials needed for maintenance.

4. maintain the total assets and Mrqubh functioning and performance.

Angel Unit:

1. Mahmoud Abd Hazzam


Unit stores:

1. storage materials received are fundamentalist and maintained.

2. patrol supervisor with the Procurement Committee about the materials required in college.

3. Organizing monthly and annual positions for stored materials.

4. reported damaged and consumables.

5. Reporting of surplus material for the purpose of deportation to the presidency stores.

Angel Unit:

1. Talib Younis


Finance Unit:

1. organize lists and payrolls and Accessories (increases, deductions, bonuses).

2. observer of the Procurement Committee.

3. follow up their own financial and accounting transactions with the presidency of the university faculty.

4. Follow-up Committee analgesia (degrees staff).

5. receipt and distribution of employees' salaries.

Staff Unit:

1. Mohammad Sami

2. Uday Abdul Hazzam


Unit Steudies and Planning:

1. Determine the future vision for the work of the college.

2. Determine the objectives and tasks required of the college.

3. Put strategic plans (long or short term).

4. the periodic plans to apply for the purpose of reaching the set goals.

Angel Unit:

1. Asst. Teacher : Duaa Yaseen


Unit Continuing Education:

1. the establishment of training and scientific sessions of the staff in the field of computers and technology.

2. Scientific granting certificates to the graduates.

Angel Unit:

1. Dr. Abdel Azim Zeili



Unit of Physical Education:

1. the establishment of sports training courses.

2. periodic participating in tournaments that are held at the university.

3. organizing sports tournaments.

Angel Unit:

1. Dr. Ali Makki Sugger


Unit Graduate Studies:

1. active participation in the process of a competitive examination for students applying for postgraduate studies.

2. organization acceptances for new students admitted to the graduate.

3. periodic follow-up of graduate students during the study year.

4. organize and create things for the purpose of completing the process of discussion of graduate students.

5. creating and organizing documents in degrees to graduating students.

Angel Unit:

1. Asst. Teacher: Eman Turky


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