Advisory Office

Advisory Office


     Advisory Office was established in the year 1997 and was part of the Computer Center of the University of Anbar to the presidency. After the introduction of the Faculty of Computer 1999-2000 year he joined the faculty of the computer desktop and is now considered the main part in the Faculty of Computer for its tasks in the field of information and computer technology.


Office aims to develop cadres and all state institutions in the field of computer use through training courses held by the Office in the field of information and computer technology.


 Among the most important tasks and work of the Advisory Office:

• efficiency of computers for applicants for postgraduate studies courses and promotions.

• maintenance and computer techniques

• networking NETWORK


In addition, the giving training courses in all areas of Computing and building systems, programs and create databases DATA BASE in various fields as well as the establishment of training courses in MS Project Management PROJECT management business productivity PLC and software design logical EWB and software engineering 3D AUTO CAD and 3D MAX as The Office processing departments and state institutions in all electronic devices and installation of Internet networks.


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