Advisory Office

Advisory Office




The consulting office was established in 1997 and was part of the Electronic Calculator Center affiliated with the Presidency of Anbar University. After the establishment of the College of Computers in 1999-2000 AD, the office joined the College of Computer Science and Information Technology and is now considered the main part of the college because of the tasks it performs in the field of information technology and computers.


The office aims to develop cadres and all state institutions in the field of computer use through training courses held by the office in the field of information technology and computers. In addition, the office aims to provide consultations in the field of specialization to governmental and non-governmental institutions


Mobile: 07815403674



Name and Position

1 Prof. Dr. Issam Taha Yassin, head of the consulting office

2 Assistant Prof. Dr. Fouad Salim Mubarak, Director of the Consulting Office

3 Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nouri Rashid, member

4 Assistant Prof. Dr. Omar Abdul Rahman Dawoud, member

5 Assistant Prof. Dr. Atheer Basil Abdel Karim, member


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