College Council

 The College Council
The Council of the College of Computer and Information Technology consists of the Dean of the College as the President of the Council, The two Associate Dean for Scientific and Administrative Affairs, The Head of the Department of Computer Science and Systems , the Secretary of the Council and the acadiminc staff representative in the college council. 


Ph.D: Uni. of Newcastle -UK
M.Sc: Uni. of Technology - 2002
B.Cs: Uni. of Technology - 1996 
The Deen
Prof.Dr Salah Awad Salman


Ph.D: National Technical University of Athens Greece  – 2014

M.Sc: Uni. of Technology  – 2005

B.Sc: Uni. of Technology - 1998

Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies
Ahmad Noori   Rashid


 Ph.D Uni. of Buckingham- School of Sciences- Computer Sciences- 2018

M.Sc - Iraqi Iraqi Commission foComputers and Informatics- Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies- 2005

B.Sc. - University of Technology- Computer and Software Engineering Department - 2002 

Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs
Dr. Omar Munther  

 Uni. of Essex School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering -2016
College for Engineering and Science
 B.Sc: Uni. of Technology – Al-Rasheed
College for Engineering and Science
Head of Computer Science Department
Asst.Prof. Dr. Wissam Jassm Mohamed

P. h.D: Liverpool Jhon Moores Uni.  – 2018
M.Sc: Uni. of Anbar– 2005
B.Sc: Uni. of Anbar - 2002
Head of Information Systems
Dr. Aqeel Abdulraheem Zanon 
PhD Computer Sceinces - Mobile Computing and Networking - Essex
University - 2017 UK
MSc: Al al-Bayt University 
Mafraq,  Jordan 2008
B.Sc: Al M’ammon College University, Baghdad, Iraq computer Sciences,  2000
Head of Computer Networking Systems Department 
Dr. Khattab Al-heety 
 Foad Salem Mubarek received his Higher Diploma in computer engineering application at the National computer center, institute of higher studies in computer science and information/ Baghdad, 1998 -1999. His M.Sc. in computer networks and communication was completed in 2005 at the same center. Ph.D in Computer Science from Mosul University/ Iraq was finished in 2014
 Council Secretary
 Dr. Fouad Salem
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