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The university library is a cultural, educational and scientific institution that works to serve the community of students, faculty members and researchers by providing them with the information they need in their studies and research, including books, periodicals, and various references after organizing, classifying, indexing and indexing it to facilitate access to information from the shortest way so that the university scientific thesis can be successfully performed in As soon as possible.



The Library of the College of Computers and Information is looking forward to helping to graduate and develop a generation of scientists, experts, specialists and innovators who will be future leaders and tributaries for creative ideas and broaden the foundations of computer knowledge. It also aims to provide an available and selected selection of books, scientific journals and leading periodicals in distinguished research that contribute to the development and service of the university and society.


The message:

The library is concerned with collecting, organizing, retrieving and disseminating information sources related to the departments of the Faculty of Computers and Information in all its forms, then facilitating the access of researchers and beneficiaries to these sources as soon as possible and with the least effort. To achieve this, the library seeks to organize and provide the required information means and various devices in addition to creating the appropriate atmosphere that helps research Study and education. Therefore, libraries put their resources and services in the hands of students and researchers visiting, to contribute as an essential element in carrying out the educational mission of the university.





1- Providing and improving the capabilities of workers and creating new capabilities commensurate with the requirements of quality and international accreditation standards to work in various fields that meet the evolving needs of the labor market.


2 - Work to support and document cultural and scientific ties, cooperate and coordinate with other libraries within and outside the same country in order to reach the necessary information sources for their visitors and participate in the national, regional and international levels.


3- Providing library and reference services, retrieving information, assisting library visitors and directing them towards optimal use of the library’s holdings and information vessels.


4- Developing office work, improving functional, informational and documentary performance, teamwork, commitment to quality and ethical behavior, and orientation towards creative teamwork that is keen to provide services of excellent quality.


5- Studying the beneficiaries of office services and knowing their intellectual trends in order to meet their requests and knowledge and information needs in order to build an integrated personality, teach them the skills of the art of leadership, search for methods of problem-solving and instill the spirit of acquiring knowledge.



6- Working to keep up with the new in today's world, especially in the field of information and automation through the Future Library program.                                     




The virtual library of postgraduate students' dissertations and dissertations with research abstracts for the website (click here)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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