Vision, mission and goals


The vision, mission, and general goals of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology


College vision:

The College of Computer Science and Information Technology seeks to be a pioneering and distinguished college in the field of education and scientific research by developing its scientific programs within international standards and spreading the culture of information technology and networks to serve the community.


College Message:

The College of Computer Science and Information Technology offers distinguished study programs in the field of computer science and information technology, as well as the common spaces between them, and is able to provide the community with scientific competencies in the college’s specializations qualified to achieve excellence in the labor market.


College Goals:

- The college seeks to provide an appropriate work environment and develop the capabilities and skills of the educational and administrative staff of the college.

- Providing the community with highly qualified specialists in the field of computer science, informatics and network programming who are able to deal with various specialized problems.

- Work on the continuous development and improvement of scientific, educational and research quality within regional and international standards.

- To develop postgraduate studies and scientific research to serve the community and to work on the transfer of global technology and its applications.

- Rehabilitation of the college to ensure the quality of education and obtain academic accreditation during the next few years by developing the institutional capacity and learning effectiveness of the college.

- Providing distinguished advisory, training and educational services to the beneficiaries.

- Developing relationships and exchanging experiences with the corresponding faculties in different local and international universities.




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