Aims of Dep

 Department Objectives:


1- Building a solid and in-depth theoretical knowledge base, during which the student learns theoretical knowledge in computer hardware and software that present scientific concepts.


2- Providing an appropriate and comfortable research and teaching environment for teachers to reach high-quality outputs, open the door for academic research and scientific cooperation with universities and international organizations, and provide community consultations and services in the field of information technology.


3- Building scientific and practical skills in analyzing and building software systems, adopting integrated software building formulas in laboratory work, and adopting laboratory and field work formulas.


4- Developing the student's mental capabilities through analysis and logical conclusion, and enabling him to solve programming problems.


5- The necessary development of school curricula to ensure the incorporation of recent changes in computer science technology and the application of e-learning.


6- Encouraging innovative ideas and projects and developing leadership and creativity skills in the field of information technology by urging students to participate in computer events and forums.

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