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 About the department:

The Computer Network Systems Department was established as one of the departments of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology in 2018. The duration of study is four years to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer network systems. The idea of ​​establishing the department was to be a scientific starting point and renaissance based on transforming the developments of knowledge and science into human energies qualified to localize technology, innovation and creativity in it.


The Computer Network Systems Department aims to prepare a generation of graduates who possess a high level of analysis, design and innovation capabilities, as these are among the most important and basic conditions for those working in the field of computers. To achieve this, the department adopts scientific and cultural activities that focus on the student, with the aim of creating an atmosphere of scientific competition among students, which will achieve development in their abilities and skills so that they contribute efficiently and professionally to society. The computer science program offered by the department provides a unique and appropriate environment that qualifies students to be equipped with all that is new in the field of computer science and informatics, through contact with specialists and expertise in the field of computers and information technology, which supports knowledge in this field in addition to the technical and research skills of the study. .


The department, through the Computer Science and Communications program, provides students with the scientific foundations in various fields and sciences that contribute to providing scientific and original solutions that serve multiple areas in the local community. The combination of theory, application and practice was taken into consideration when developing the study plan, and the department seeks, within the cycle of developing and updating the program plan, to adopt international foundations and standards in updating the study plan from organizations specialized in computing and information technology sciences.




The Computer Network Systems Department, since its inception as one of the departments of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, aims to consolidate scientific knowledge and practical experiences in the field of computer science and information technology, enabling the student to keep abreast of the latest developments in this broad and renewable field where a large number of job opportunities are available for graduates of the Network Systems Department Therefore, the curriculum is designed in a way that allows great freedom in adapting the curriculum according to the needs of students, business and industry. For this purpose, the educational program of the Computer Networking Systems Department focused on the main results that must be fulfilled, providing the possibility to delve into each discipline.

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