Research Ethics


In line with the scientific research regulation as followed by International and Arab universities, our university has established the central committee of research ethics to be responsible to approve research proposals as of 10-4-2017. Please go through the guidelines of the research ethics that explains the controls and ethics of scientific research that may conducted on humans, animals and also the environment before start filling out the electronic form.

Ethics Committee

Chairman Ph.D. Microbiology Shehab Ahmed Lafi
Rapporteur Doctor of Ophthalmology Zeina Mohammed Hassan Alsabti
Member Ph.D. Teaching Methods Ismail Ali Hussein Saleh
Member Ph.D. Physiology Mohammed Qais Abed Al-Ani
Member Ph.D. Animal Production Ziyad Tariq Mohammed Aldhanki
Member Ph.D. Social Development Nabil Jassim Mohammed Abdullah 






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