Public Relations and Media Department

Public Relations and Media Department

Profile of the Department

The department is responsible for highlighting the activities of the university and the supervision of activities that highlight the university interface and the activities it holds. These activities include the organization and preparation of programs for the participation of the university in national events, the organization of the annual graduation ceremonies, the organization of delegation visits to the university, and the coordination for the university celebrations.


The department also has a prominent role in highlighting these activities in different media. Moreover, the department issued Al-Kalimah Newspaper, Eshraqaat Jamea’ayia Magazine, Afaq Ma’arifyia series and Sorouh Newspaper. Furthermore, the department has issued several guides such as the first complete university guide, teaching staff guide, university achievements guide, and the English version of the university guide. It is worth noting that the unit of Public Relations and Media was originally a unit that has been changed to be the department of media and public relations 2006. In 2007, the department was renamed to be the department of media and public relations which now comprises two departments and five units.


The Objectives


1.    The regulation of relations among all university presidency departments.

2.    The regulation of relations between the university presidency and the university colleges.

3.    The organization of public relations between the university and the relevant departments of Al Anbar Province.

4.    Supervising conferences and symposia organized by the university.

5.    Supervising materials issued by the department.

6.    Supervising celebrations organised by the university presidency and its colleges.

7.    Documenting university president visits and all other media activities.

8.    Communicating with all Iraqi universities on media level.

9.    Informing the Ministry about the university media activities.

10. Coordinating with publisher’s houses and libraries in the province and in other provinces for the purpose of holding book exhibits in all scientific, humanitarian and literary disciplines to be at the disposal of professors and students.


The administrative structure of the department

Units and divisions of Public Relations and Media Department


1. Public Relations Division

A. Hospitality Unit

B. Protocol Unit


2. The Media Division


A. The Editing Unit

  B. The photography Unit

  B. The Montage Unit


 The Activities

1.   Covering seminars and celebrations to be published in newspapers and on the university website in order to provide the community with information about the scientific and cultural activities of the university.

2.   Recording and photographing university activities in order to be documented as a reference used over the academic year.

3.   Issuing informational brochures, which include the definition of the presidency departments and the university faculties. They also identify the work allotted to each department and faculty based on the specialty of each one of them.

4.   Issuing printed guides of the university in English and Arabic as well as printing annual agendas and calendars of the university in order to distribute them on governmental institutions aiming to foster closer relations between the university as a cultural and scientific institution with the rest of the state departments and other Arab and International universities.

5.   Issuing documentary films about the university since its establishment until now.

6.   Making an agreement with Al-Anbar Satellite Channel to produce Fi Rihab Al Jamea’ah Show that presents meetings with the university deans and professors in order to comment and discuss the activities performed by university faculties. The show also interviews a number of presidency department heads such as the reconstruction and projects and the center computers and the information technology.

7.   Documenting university president visits to places inside and outside the university.

8.   Sending documents of the university activities to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for publication in the Journal of the QABAS issued by the ministry media department.

The responsibilities and powers of the director of the department


The Director of the department exercises the following powers and responsibilities to ensure the flow of work in the department:


1.    The distribution of tasks among the staff of the department 

2.    Granting routine leaves permissions that do not exceed 10 days and the approval of the sick leave.

3.    Recommending the applications for more than 10 days routine and sick leaves and study leave

4.  Supervising the performance of the work in the follow-up of the activities of the employees

5. Recommending disciplinary proceedings against the negligent employees.

6. Recommending commendation and appreciation of distinguished and creative employees.

7. Recommending granting department employees promotion and upgrading bonus

8. Recommending appointment, placement of staff, and dispensation of department affiliates according to the rules in power

9. Proposing that the employees in the department be assigned overtime work according to the laws and regulations of the organization.

10. Representing the department in relevant conferences and symposia

11. The distribution of tasks and responsibilities among the staff members of the department to help   develop and improve the performance of the work as specified.

12. Recommending the delegation of staff members inside the country for a period not exceeding one week.

13. Recommending the granting of various allocations to all staff members of the department

14. Evaluation of the performance of the staff of the department and submitting it to the relevant authorities.

15. The proposal of a temporary appointment of employees in the department to gap staff shortage to ensure work flow.

16. Recommending the fixation of the staff members of the department after completion of approbation period

17. Recommending the assignment of a staff member to be an acting head of department when in routine and sick leave or when delegated.

18. Any other responsibilities and powers authorized or granted by immediate superiors


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