Scientific Sobriety committee for Scientific Research and Publications (SSCSRP)

To promote the scientific sobriety throughout the UOA, the Scientific Integrity Committee for Research and Publishing was proposed by Prof. Khalid Batal Al-Najim, the University President,  for discussion during the 10th session of the University Council on 11/7/2016. The formation of the Committee was approved by the  Department of Research and Development letter No. 4/4445  dated 15/8/2016, supported by Advisory Board letter No. 12/483 on 27/7/2016.

The Committee  was formed per University Order No. 5060 on 24/7/2016. All the members are PhD. Degree holders and are expertise in the fields of research and publishing. The Committee carries out the following tasks and duties:

1-    Ensure that the work encompass no plagiarism and then submit a report to the University President.

2-    Verify the journals  of controversy reporting their integrity to the University President periodically to be circulated by the Vice-President for Scientific Affairs.

3-    Review the complexity behind the full-time practical study and the commitments to publishing instructions during that period.

4-     Reassess  the integrity of the conferences, the faculty members taking part in.

5-    Check faculty members memberships and the integrity of the  journals editorials.

6-    Examine all the issues placed for inquiry by  the University President and then give the required consultation about cases such as the strategic studies or scientific research projects. 


 Work Procedures:

In order to save time using the available communication means and technology, the Committee has utilized the Viber Application to discuss and express opinions and prove the  integrity of the research, journal, conference or any other issue. Director of the Department of Development and Research, President of the University, as well as the Chairman of the Central Promotion Committee, were all added to the Site. Work procedures are as follows:

1-    Inquiries are received from the Colleges, Centres or Central Promotion Committee regarding the scientific journals that published the papers presented for scientific promotion. Discussion is being performed online via the Viber Application, then a report is submitted to the party of inquiry and the Colleges.

2-    Handling the cases submitted to the Committee by the University President, giving the required consultation.

3-    Inspecting the matters proposed by the Head and Members of the Committee aroused through their update  from the journals, conferences or other activities.

Members of the Committee:

Scientific Sobriety committee for Scientific Research and Publications



Prof. Nabeil Ibrahim Fawaz















Assistant Prof. Kutayba Farhan Dawood 








PhD. Biohemistry






Prof. Abdul Nasir Sabri Shahir






PhD. Urban Geography




Prof. Tahrir Nazzal  Naif









Maxillofacial & Laser Surgery





Prof. Saied Nayif Turki







Theoretical Physics


 Dr. Salwan Mahmood Abdulateef


PhD. Agriculture



Prof. Abdul Qadir Ismael Abdul Wahab









Prof. Mohammed Salman Hussien
















PhD. Civil Engineering









PhD. Islamic Sciences




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