Vision, mission & goals


The University of Anbar is searching for a pioneering position in higher education and scientific research and developing the academic programs for achieving the sustaining development.


The university seeks to provide a distinct quality of education, teaching and scientific research via adopting strategies of analytical and critical thinking for rehabilitation of human resources in the levels of knowledge, thinking, and skills in a creative and competitive environment.


The university is working to achieve its mission through the following goals:

1.    Upgrading the scientific knowledge via developing the infrastructure on the education and scientific levels and providing distinct strategies of teaching and

learning in all academic programs.

2.    Developing the academic programs, updating their outputs, and activating the culture of the sustaining education contributing to enhance the capabilities, and the personal, social, academic and professional skills for improving the level of society life and achieving the 2030 sustaining education goals.

3.    Fulfilling the social responsibilities and achieving an effective presence in the society activities contributing to be a way for the social, cultural, scientific, and economic progress.

4.    Adopting the highest criteria of evaluation in the institutional and program levels in order to achieve the overall quality administration standards and improve the university website in the local and global ranking.

5.    Creating an environment of productive and constructive competition in the area of invention and scientific research and enhancing the product of the applied researches that address the problems of society.

6.    Instilling coincidence ties and building the culture of coexistence, the principles of exchanging respect, loyalty and honesty in order to achieve a distinct role to the university as a leadership institution in the society.

7.    Building strategic relations system with the authentic scientific institutions contributing to develop the capabilities and scientific and educational programs.     

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