Presidency Sections
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University Units & Sections

Board of Trustees:

A section which is administratively and officially associated with the President of the University. The Trustee performs according to the President instructions, in addition to offering advice and consultation on various issues. It contains two units:

1- University Council Trustee Unit.

2- Colleges Councils Unit.

Tasks & Duties:

1- Issuing decisions and giving instructions to the related associations.

2- Formulating University Council minutes of meeting, then distributing the minutes to the Advisory Board for approval.

3- Enacting the instructions of the Advisory Board.

4- Documenting the minutes of the College Councils and obtaining the approval of the University President.

5- Following-up the Colleges in implementing the University Council resolutions.








Asst. Prof. Yasir Ehsan Rashid





(Tafseer) Qur’an Interpretation


Qur’an Science








Bayda’ Ali Hussein











Government Contracts Section:

The Section includes the following units:

1- Following up Unit.

2- Contracts Unit.

3- Archive Unit.

4- Import Unit.

5- Legal Unit.

Government Contracts Unit is associated with the University President, managed by a staff member holds B.A. in Law at the least.


Tasks & Duties:

1- Supervising the employees’ performance and following up their activities. In addition to the distributing of tasks, in order to improve the performance.

2- Preparing tenders documentation, checking their legal validity, and then the declaration of the tenders in accordance to the law.

3- Conducting auctions regarding the lease, retail, or exploit of the University property.

4- Granting the authentication for all the documents submitted by the bidders.

5- Taking the necessary legal procedures in case of any violation, in correlation with the associate institution.

6- Collaborating with the Department of Legal Affairs and the Department of Reconstruction & Projects to preserve the University property and secure its rights in front of the Courts and the Government Offices.



Citizen Affairs Section:


The Section includes the following units:

1- Citizens Complaint Unit.

2- E-government Unit.


The Section is associated with the University President. It carries out the following tasks and duties:

1- Welcoming the citizens who are to meet the University President and the President Vices.

2- Recording the details of the interviewees in a special form.

3- Scheduling the interviews and meetings with the University President.

4-  Following up the citizens’ claims with the associated Government Offices.

5- Following up the rights of the citizens wounded and the martyrs with the associated authorities.

6- submitting a weekly update of the interviews and the actions taken in this regard to the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research.



Rehabilitation, Employment   & Follow Up Section:

The Section includes the following units:

1- Students Skills Development Unit.

2- Employment and Graduate Follow Up Unit.


The Section is associated with the University Vice-President for Scientific Affairs. It carries out the following duties:

1- Enhancing the students’ skills to integrate them in the civil society.

2- Coordinating with the different Establishments seeking job opportunities and training for the students during Summer Holiday.

3- Holding Employment Exhibitions in cooperation with the Private Sector Companies and Government Institutions to help providing job opportunities for the students.

4- Helping to provide a wide range of career opportunities for the students at the private sector companies and Government offices.

5- Following up graduates’ performance after employment to find out weakness and strength points, and then writing reports regarding the alterations in the current curricula to cope with the local labour market.


Head of the Section




Ahmed Subhi Abdul Kafoor



Computer Science




Scientific Products Marking Section:

The Section is associated with the Vice-President for Scientific Affairs. It carries out the following duties:

1- Relates the Colleges Dean Assts. with International Journals.

2- Seeks for environments to put scientifically extinguished researches in application.

3- Ensures, through the Legal Unit, the rights of the authors to prevent plagiarism.

4- Represents an orientation for the University in regard of applied researches and patents.


Head of the Section


Scientific Title


Ayoob Mohammed Ubaid



Assistant Professor





Hazardous & Toxic Chemical & Biological Materials Handling Control Section:

The Section was established in accordance to University Order No. 8445 on 31/10/2017. The Section is associated with the Vice-President for Scientific Affairs. Its main duty is to organize the transfer of hazardous and toxic chemicals and biological materials at the Colleges. Moreover, it controls the transaction of these materials in correlation with Colleges Deans and their Assistants.


Head of the Section




Dr. Sufyan Mohammad Shartooh










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