UOA in Brief


The University of Anbar is located in the center of Ramadi city in the Anbar Governorate, where it was established in 1987 under the Decree No. 51   dated December 23, 1987 The university was established with only two colleges: the College of Education for Women, and the College of Education for Human Sciences. Due to the expansion that took place in the province and the increase in the number of students, nine other colleges were established on the university campus, such as the College of Engineering, the College of Administration and Economics, the College of Computing and Information Technology, in addition to the College of Arts, the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, the College of Islamic Sciences, and the College of Education for Pure Sciences, in addition to the medical colleges such as the College of Medicine, the College of Pharmacy, and the College of Dentistry, which are located near the Ramadi Teaching Hospital in Ramadi city, as well as the College of Agriculture and the College of Applied Sciences in Heet city. The total number of colleges is 18, with (66) different departments, in addition to 6 scientific research centers.

The Postgraduate programs were also established, which include 33 specializations for master’s degrees and 13 specializations for doctoral degrees. The Postgraduate programs currently include two programs of high diploma, fifty master’s programs and twenty-seven doctoral program with a total number of seventy-nine programs

 Academic Credit System: Courses /Semester Credit Hours

Language of studying: Arabic & English

Academic Degrees awarded: Bachelor , Master  and PhD.

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