Quinoa Cultivation Project by the Centre of Desert Studies
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Quinoa Cultivation Project by the Centre of Desert Studies

Quinoa is one of the staple crops which provide food supply. It has recently taken on even greater importance so as considered by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as one of the next century crops which would sustain food-security. Quinoa is distinguished of being salinity, drought, and high-temperature tolerant crop. In addition, it is rich with vitamins and protein-rich concentrated nutrient. Therefore, Quinoa is considered by famine relief experts as the "crop of the future" because of its nutritional properties in fighting the hunger in the world.

The desert studies center (DSC) at the University of Anbar works to achieve sustainable development in the arid and Semi-arid areas. All within the programs and the projects of the center which urge to elaborate strategies to counter the threat of climate change and its consequences on the sustainable development in the future. The project, which has been carried out in the pursuance of the University order NO. 1962 in 31-12-2018 supports the sharing of experiences among the center staff, university collages, and the institutions of the state in the field of water and vegetation. The project also supports the cultivation of the crops which are drought-resistant by using the modern Bio-technological methods. Hence, the special importance of cooperation for the sustainable agricultural development for the future.

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