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Muntaser AbdulWahed Salman Abdulaziz (Lecturer)

PhD in Networks

Information Systems - Computer Sciences and IT


Muntaser A. Salman has been with College of computer science and information technology at university of Anbar, Anbar, Iraq, since 2003. He received his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Basrah University, Iraq, in 2000 and PhD degree in Computer Engineering Department, Institute of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Yildirim Beyazit University, Ankara, Turkey in 2018. Currently, his research interests include computer networks, vehicular networks, computational intelligence algorithms and intelligent transportation systems.







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  8. Foad S. Mubarek, Muntaser A. Salman and Omar Munthir AlOkashi " Effect of vehicle’s acceleration and heading on reliability of VANET routing protocolInternational  Journal of Computer Aided Engineering and Technology 



No. Subjects Lectures Stage File Video
1 Logic Design Logic Design-Combinational Circuits 1-2 First
2 Logic Design Logic Design-Adder 2-2 First
3 Logic Design Logic Design-Subtractor 3-2 First
4 Logic Design Logic Design-Adder Subtractor 4-2 First
5 Logic Design Logic Design-Decoder 5-2 First
6 Logic Design Logic Design-Encoder 6-2 First
7 Logic Design Logic Design-Multiplexer 7-2 First
8 Logic Design Logic Design-Problems 8-2 First
9 Logic Design Logic Design-ROMs 9-2 First
10 Logic Design Logic Design-PLAs 10-2 First
11 Logic Design Logic Design-Examples 11-2 First
12 Logic Design Logic Design-Problems 12-2 First
13 Logic Design Logic Design-Flip Flops 13-2 First
14 Logic Design Logic Design-Clocked Flip Flops 14-2 First
15 Logic Design Logic Design-Clocked FF 15-2 First
16 Logic Design References First