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Ali Darub Kassar (Professor)

PhD in Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Economic Dept. Chairman
Agricultural Economics - Agriculture



Date of Birth:  24/6/1966

Specialization:  Agricultural Economics

Position:  University Professor

Scientific Degree: Professor

Work Address: dept. of  Agricultural Economics ./College of Agriculture /Univ. of Anbar

Work Phone:

Mobile: 009647731200648 -- 009647823904325

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No. Subjects Lectures Stage File Video
1 Agricultural Policy Introduction in Agricultural Policy Fourth
2 Agricultural Policy Agricultural policy goals and means to achieve the Fourth
3 Agricultural Policy Agricultural Policy Fourth
4 Agricultural Policy Price theory and farmers' problems Fourth
5 Agricultural Policy Agricultural marketing policy Fourth
6 Agricultural Policy Means of stabilizing farmers Fourth
7 Agricultural Policy Foreign trade policy Fourth
8 Agricultural Policy effective tariff rate Fourth
9 Agricultural Policy Agricultural Investment Policy Fourth
10 Agricultural Policy Agricultural credit, insurance and tax policy Fourth
11 Mathematical Economics Mathematical Economics Fourth
12 Mathematical Economics Equilibrium Analysis in Economic/1 Fourth
13 Mathematical Economics Equilibrium Analysis in Economic/2 Fourth
14 Mathematical Economics Slop and Elasticity Fourth
15 Mathematical Economics Optimization of Functions of one variable Fourth
16 Mathematical Economics Optimization of Functions of Several variables Fourth
17 Mathematical Economics Production functions Fourth
18 Mathematical Economics Dynamic Analysis Fourth
19 Mathematical Economics Dynamic Analysis/ Discrete Dynamic analysis Fourth
20 Mathematical Economics Input – Output model Fourth
21 Operations Research Introduction to Operations Research Third
22 Operations Research Linear Programming Third
23 Operations Research Linear Programming/2 Algebraic Solution Third
24 Operations Research Linear Programming/ Simplex Method Third
25 Operations Research Dual Simplex algorithm Third
26 Operations Research Simplex Method- Dual Model/2 Third
27 Operations Research Sensitivity Analysis Third
28 Operations Research Transportation Problems Third
29 Operations Research Transportation Problems/ Least cost method Third
30 Operations Research Transportation Problems/ Vogel’s method Third
31 Operations Research Examples Third
32 Operations Research Examples2 Third


Thesis which was supervised by:



Thesis Title


Predicting wheat demand in Iraq - M.Sc. - 2007



An economic analysis of the rice crop market in Iraq by estimating the demand and supply functions during the period (1980-2010) --- MS.c Thesis --- 2010.



Estimating the nutritional gap of the wheat crop and the factors affecting its production for the period (1979-2009) in Al-Muthanna Governorate, an applied model. M.Sc. – 2011



The role of domestic and foreign direct investment in Iraqi agriculture - PhD dissertation – 2014.



An economic analysis of the factors affecting the agricultural gross domestic product in Iraq during the period 1985-2011 - Master Thesis -2014.



Predicting the nutritional gap of wheat and rice crops in Iraq using the Box Jenkins method and neural networks for the period 2014-2022 - PhD thesis - 2015.




Investment priorities in the results of agricultural scientific research in Iraq using the policy analysis matrix (wheat case study). PhD thesis - 2016-




Analysis of stability in the equilibrium  of demand and supply of wheat in Iraq during the period 1971-2013. Master Thesis. 2016.



An economic study of the impact of fluctuations in the exchange rate on the structure of agricultural foreign trade in Iraq - PhD thesis –



An economic analysis of the seasonal phenomenon of prices and sales of some vegetables products in the wholesale markets of the city of Baghdad during the period 2010-2015 and their prediction using SARIMA seasonal time series models - Master Thesis.



An economic study of the impact of some agricultural policies on the major cereal crops in Iraq during the period (1994-2015) - PhD thesis – 2018.



An economic analysis of the impact of policies to support major cereal crops on the Iraqi economy for the period (1990-2016) - Master Thesis – 2019



Financial and economic evaluation of some of the agricultural initiative projects in Iraq. PhD thesis. 2020.



Predicting the productivity of the main crops in Iraq for the period 2019-2025 using Markov chains. Master Thesis


An economic and analytical study of the effect of some variables on the structure of agricultural employment in Iraq. PhD thesis.



An economic analysis of the impact of agricultural legislation on agricultural policy-making in Iraq and achieving sustainable development goals - PhD thesis -




Member of the following unions:

  1. Agricultural Engineers Association
  2. Iraqi Journalists Union
  3. Iraqi Statisticians Association (Honorary member)

Editorial board member for the following journals:

  1. The Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Sciences. University of Baghdad(Scopus)

  1. International journal of agricultural economics

  1. (Journal of Business and Economic Development (JBED)


  1. Open Journal of Agricultural Research


  1. Economics(ECO)

  1. Applied Economics and Finance

  1. Advisory Editorial Board for the Global Journal of Economics and Business (GJEB).


8-Dirassat Journal Economic Issue – Reviewer-

(ISSN 2676-2013).



9- Journal of Al-Muthanna for Agricultural Sciences- ISSN: 2226-4086 (Paper)
ISSN: 2572-5149 (Electronic)

10- Anbar journal of Agricultural Sciences :


Scientific literature Published (Books)

1- Agricultural statistics (book) 2013

2- Mathematical economics (book) 2014