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Mazin Abed Mohammed (Lecturer)

PhD in Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence/ Data S
Information Systems - Computer Sciences and IT


Dr. Mazin Abed Mohammed

Associate Professor

PhD of Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence

Associate Professor in Information Systems Department

College of Computer Science and Information Technology

University of Anbar

Dr. Mazin Abed Mohammed B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science from College of Computer, University of Anbar, Iraq in 2008. Master of IT from Universiti Tenaga Nasional Malaysia 2011 and Ph.D. from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia in 2018 . He is currently working as a Teacher in Information Systems department in College of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Anbar, Ramadi, Iraq. His areas of research interest include Artificial Intelegence, Medical image processing, machine learning, Computer Vision, computational intelligence, IoT, Biomedical Computing, bio-informatics, and fog Computing.


Refereed Journal Publications (Selected papers):

1. K. H. Abdulkareem, Mazin Abed Mohammed et al., "Realizing an Effective COVID-19 Diagnosis System Based on Machine Learning and IOT in Smart Hospital Environment," in IEEE Internet of Things Journal, doi: 10.1109/JIOT.2021.3050775.

2. Kim-Soon, N., Abdulmaged, A.I., Mostafa, S.A., Mazin Abed Mohammed et al. A framework for analyzing the relationships between cancer patient satisfaction, nurse care, patient attitude, and nurse attitude in healthcare systems. J Ambient Intell Human Comput (2021).

3. M. Elhoseny, Mazin Abed Mohammed, S. A. Mostafa, K. H. Abdulkareem, M. S. Maashi et al., "A new multi-agent feature wrapper machine learning approach for heart disease diagnosis," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 67, no.1, pp. 51–71, 2021.

4. Lahoura, V., Singh, H., Aggarwal, A., Sharma, B., Mazin Abed Mohammed, Damaševi?ius, R., Kadry, S. and Cengiz, K., 2021. Cloud Computing-Based Framework for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Extreme Learning Machine. Diagnostics11(2), p.241.

5. A. S. Al-Waisy, Mazin Abed Mohammed, S. Al-Fahdawi, M. S. Maashi, B. Garcia-Zapirain et al., "Covid-deepnet: hybrid multimodal deep learning system for improving covid-19 pneumonia detection in chest x-ray images," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 67, no.2, pp. 2409–2429, 2021.

6. Abdullah Lakhan, Qurat-Ul-Ain Mastoi, Mohamed Elhoseny, Muhammad Suleman Memon & Mazin Abed Mohammed (2021) Deep neural network-based application partitioning and scheduling for hospitals and medical enterprises using IoT assisted mobile fog cloud, Enterprise Information Systems, DOI: 10.1080/17517575.2021.1883122

7. Makhadmeh, S.N., Al-Betar, M.A., Alyasseri, Z.A.A., Abasi, A.K., Khader, A.T., Damaševi?ius, R., Mazin Abed Mohammed and Abdulkareem, K.H., 2021. Smart Home Battery for the Multi-Objective Power Scheduling Problem in a Smart Home Using Grey Wolf Optimizer. Electronics10(4), p.447.

8. Podder, A.K., Al Bukhari, A., Islam, S., Mia, S., Mazin Abed Mohammed., Kumar, N.M., Cengiz, K. and Abdulkareem, K.H., 2021. IoT based smart agrotech system for verification of Urban farming parameters. Microprocessors and Microsystems82, p.104025.

9. Awan, M.J., Rahim, M.S.M., Salim, N., Mazin Abed Mohammed, Garcia-Zapirain, B. and Abdulkareem, K.H., 2021. Efficient Detection of Knee Anterior Cruciate Ligament from Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Deep Learning Approach. Diagnostics11(1).

10. Mazin Abed Mohammed, K. H. Abdulkareem, B. Garcia-Zapirain, S. A. Mostafa, M. S. Maashi et al., "A comprehensive investigation of machine learning feature extraction and classification methods for automated diagnosis of covid-19 based on x-ray images," Computers, Materials & Continua, vol. 66, no.3, pp. 3289–3310, 2021.

11. Al-Waisy, A.S., Al-Fahdawi, S., Mazin Abed Mohammed et al. COVID-CheXNet: hybrid deep learning framework for identifying COVID-19 virus in chest X-rays images. Soft Comput (2020).

12. Obaid, O.I., Mazin Abed Mohammed and Mostafa, S.A., 2020. Long Short-Term Memory Approach for Coronavirus Disease Predicti. Journal of Information Technology Management12, pp.11-21.

13. Mazin Abed Mohammed, Abdulkareem, K.H., Mostafa, S.A., Ghani, M.K.A., Maashi, M.S., Garcia-Zapirain, B., Oleagordia, I., Alhakami, H. and Al-Dhief, F.T., 2020. Voice pathology detection and classification using convolutional neural network model. Applied Sciences10(11), p.3723.

14. Mazin Abed Mohammed, Abdulkareem, K.H., Al-Waisy, A.S., Mostafa, S.A., Al-Fahdawi, S., Dinar, A.M., Alhakami, W., Abdullah, B.A.Z., Al-Mhiqani, M.N., Alhakami, H. and Arbaiy, N., 2020. Benchmarking methodology for selection of optimal COVID-19 diagnostic model based on entropy and TOPSIS methods. IEEE Access8, pp.99115-99131.

15. Mutlag, A.A., Khanapi Abd Ghani, Mazin Abed Mohammed, Maashi, M.S., Mohd, O., Mostafa, S.A., Abdulkareem, K.H., Marques, G. and de la Torre Díez, I., 2020. MAFC: Multi-agent fog computing model for healthcare critical tasks management. Sensors20(7), p.1853.

16. Abdulkareem, K.H., Mazin Abed Mohammed., Gunasekaran, S.S., Al-Mhiqani, M.N., Mutlag, A.A., Mostafa, S.A., Ali, N.S. and Ibrahim, D.A., 2019. A Review of Fog Computing and Machine Learning: Concepts, Applications, Challenges, and Open Issues. IEEE Access, 7, pp.153123-153140.
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29. Mostafa, S.A., Mustapha, A., Mazin Abed Mohammed., Ahmad, M.S. and Mahmoud, M.A., 2018. A fuzzy logic control in adjustable autonomy of a multi-agent system for an automated elderly movement monitoring application. International journal of medical informatics, 112, pp.173-184.

Refereed Conferences Publications:

  1. AL-Dhief, F.T., Latiff, N.M.A.A., Malik, N.N.N.A., Sabri, N., Baki, M.M., Albadr, M.A.A., Abbas, A.F., Hussein, Y.M. and Mazin Abed Mohammed, 2020, November. Voice Pathology Detection Using Machine Learning Technique. In 2020 IEEE 5th International Symposium on Telecommunication Technologies (ISTT) (pp. 99-104). IEEE.
  2. Mostafa, S.A., Gunasekaran, S.S., Mustapha, A., Mazin Abed Mohammed. and Abduallah, W.M., 2019, July. Modelling an Adjustable Autonomous Multi-agent Internet of Things System for Elderly Smart Home. In International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (pp. 301-311). Springer, Cham.
  3. Mazin Abed Mohammed, Implementing an Agent-based Multi-Natural Language Anti-Spam Model, In 2018 International Symposium on Agent, Multi-Agent Systems and Robotics (ISAMSR) (pp. 1-5). IEEE.
  4. Mazin Abed Mohammed, Keynote speaker in the “3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Automobile Engineering” held during September 28-29, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. “The usage of artificial intelligence methods in solving vehicle routing problem for best transportation and distribution solutions”.
  5. Mazin Abed Mohammed, Automated Mobile Faults Diagnosis System using Genetic-Case-Based Reasoning Approach, 2017 international symposium on research in innovation and sustainability, Melaka, Malaysia.
  6. Mazin Abed Mohammed, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Salama A. Mostafa, Using Genetic Algorithm in Implementing Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem. 2012 International Conference on Computer & Information Science (ICCIS), IEEE Indexing, Malaysia, Vol. 1. IEEE, 2012.



Dr Mazin Abed Mohammed teaches a variety of university courses in Computer Science, such as , Operating Systems, Database design, Mobile systems Programing, Software Project Management, Mobile applications Development , Software Requirments and design, Computer Networks, and Web Programming.

No. Subjects Lectures Stage File Video
1 Mobile Applications Development MOBILE SYSTEM Fourth
2 Mobile Applications Development MOBILE CLOUD Fourth
3 Mobile Applications Development Quick Start on Android Fourth
4 Mobile Applications Development ANDROID VIRTUAL DEVICE Installing Fourth
5 Mobile Applications Development Introduction of Key Concepts of Android Fourth
6 Mobile Applications Development Multiple Values of Android Fourth
7 Mobile Applications Development 2D Graphics and Multimedia in Android Fourth
8 Mobile Applications Development ADVANCED UI DESIGN Fourth
9 Mobile Applications Development AUDIO IMPLEMENTATIONS IN ANDROID Fourth
10 Mobile Applications Development Mobile Embedded System Architecture Fourth
11 Mobile Applications Development SCHEDULING ALGORITHMS Fourth
12 Mobile Applications Development MEMORY TECHNOLOGY Fourth
13 Mobile Applications Development MESSAGING AND COMMUNICATION MECHANISMS Fourth
14 Mobile Applications Development References Fourth



1. Incorporating Artificial Transfer Learning Method for Medical Images. Master Student

2. Local Pattern Transformation Based Feature Extraction Techniques For Pathological Voice Classification Using Long Short-Term Memory . Master Student