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Khaldoon Fadhel Brethee (Assistant Professor)

PhD in Applied Mechanics
Mechanics - Engineering



Dr. Khaldoon Fadhel Brethee

Date of Birth: 10-02-1977

Sex: Male

Address: Hit, Anbar, Iraq

Mobile: +964 (0) 7816664421


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  • I am an enthusiastic learner with a broad interest in all areas of engineering (mathematical modelling, vehicle, vibration and dynamic analysis), looking to contribute my knowledge in the railway engineering.
  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Huddersfield
  • MSc, BSC in Mechanical Engineering, University of Anbar.

 2013 - 2018 

University of Huddersfield.                                                            UK


PhD in mechanical engineering.

Thesis title: Condition Monitoring of Helical Gear Transmissions Based on Vibration Modelling and Signal Processing

 2000 - 2003

Al-Anbar University                                                                                    Iraq


Master Degree(M.Sc) in mechanical engineering (Applied Mechanics)

Modules included:  Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Impact Strength of Materials, Finite Elements Method, Theory of Elasticity, Theory of Vibration, English Language. Plasticity, Stress Analysis and Measurements, Advanced Mathematics, Engineering Control, Tribology.

M.Sc Dissertation: An Investigation into Forging Process of Torsion Bar Ends

  1995- 2000

Al-Anbar University                                                                                    Iraq


Bachelor Degree (BSc) in mechanical engineering.



     Member in the international conference of The Efficiency and Performance Engineering Network (TEPEN) :





  • Papers for Journals:
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  • Papers for Conferences:
  1. Brethee, K. Gu, F. and Ball, A. (2017) ‘Monitoring of Water Contamination in Gearbox Lubricant Based on Vibration Analysis’. In: COMADEM 2017, the 30th International Congress on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management, 10th-13th July 2017, University of Central Lancashire, UK.
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  1. Engineering Analysis, Course Code: ME3301
  2. English Language III, Course Code:ME3101
  3. Engineering Control and Measurements, Course Code :   ME4309
  4. Advanced Control System, Course Code :   ME5411 --MSc

http://Chapter 1 Velocity and acceleration diagrams

http://Engineering Analysis - Modeling system

Control and measurement-System Type

http://Laplace problem solutions

http://State Space Method

http://Physical System Modelling

http://Mathematical modeling of mechanical systems

http://Video_9 Routh-Criterion

http://Video_10 Routh-Criterion

http://Video_11 Routh-Criterion

http://Video_3 Labplace Transformation

http://Video_4 Labplace Transformation

http://ME 3301-Engineering Analysis _syllubus

http://Engineering Analysis -Chapter 1 Modeling with Higher Order Linear Differential Equations



No. Subjects Lectures Stage File Video
1 Engineering Control and Measurements Control Systems Fourth
2 Engineering Control and Measurements Modelling of Dynamical Systems Fourth
3 Engineering Control and Measurements Mechanical System Modelling Fourth
4 Engineering Control and Measurements Fluid Systems and Thermal Systems Fourth
5 Engineering Control and Measurements Analysis of Control System Fourth
6 Engineering Control and Measurements PID controller Fourth
7 Engineering Control and Measurements State Space Method Fourth
8 Engineering Control and Measurements State space representation Fourth
9 Engineering Analysis Modeling with Higher Order Linear Differential Equ Third
10 Engineering Analysis Linear Differential Equations Third
11 Engineering Analysis Homogeneous Differential Equations Third
12 Engineering Analysis Modeling of Free Oscillations of a Mass–Spring Sys Third
13 Engineering Analysis Syllabus Third


  • Supervision on MSC Projects
  1.  2020/2021 “Dynamics and vibration analysis of gearbox system based on signal processing technique”.
  2. 2021/2022 “Free vibration analysis of sandwich panels with honeycomb core”
  3. 2022/2023 “Vibration Analysis of Simply Supported Beam Subjected to a Moving Load”


Supervision on Final Year Projects

  1. Effect of the length of a semi-trailer on fuel consumption
  2. Aerodynamic effects on ground vehicles
  4. Dynamic Analysis and Control of a Quarter-Car Suspension
  5. Finite element design of load cell
  6. Centrifugal pump design and analysis using SOLIDWORKS
  7. Vibration Response of a Structure Under Forced Excitation


  • Teaching  subjects
  • (Vibrations, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Finite Elements Method, Control, strength of materials, Mathematics, Programming and Mechanical Engineering Design)

Research Skills

  1. Vibration and mathematical modelling analysis using MATLAB.
  2. Specialised knowledge of a high order in the appropriate areas of the work:

MATLAB, ANSYS, Solidworks, Adams.

  1. Working on data analysis of gearbox vibration signals.

Research Interests

  1. Vibration and modal analysis
  2. Dynamic system failure detection and identification
  3. Carrying out finite element analysis.
  4. Knowledge of mathematical and computer modelling of dynamic systems.