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Ayad Sleibi Mustafa (Professor)

PhD in Environmental Engineering
Civil - Engineering


Name: Ayad Sleibi Mustafa Al-Rawi

Date of Birth: 22-6-1961

Religion: Muslim

Specialization: Environmental Engineering

Position: Teaching Staff

Scientific Degree: Professor

Work Address: University of Anbar-College of Engineering-Civil Eng. Dept.



Ph.D.   Environmental Engineering, University of Mustansiriya ,2007

M.Sc    Water Resources Engineering, Baghdad University, 1993

B.Sc.    Water Resources Engineering, Baghdad University, 1983



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No. Subjects Lectures Stage File Video
1 Hydrology Engineering Weather and Hydrology Third
2 Hydrology Engineering Lecture (3) Flood estimation Third
3 Hydrology Engineering Lecture 4 Flood Routing Third
4 Hydrology Eng. hydrograph part 2 Third
5 Hydrology Engineering References Third



 Research Interests: 

 Water Resources Management,Water Quality Modelling,Sediment in Storm Sewer ,Groundwater Modelling,Flow through Porous Media


 Conferences and Training Cources: 

1- 5th  Jordanian International Civil Engineering Conference, Jordan,Amman,( 17-19) January, 2012

2- 1th Engineering Conference of Comprehensive Research Thesis , Al- Mustansiriya  University, Iraq, 7-8 May, 2012     

3- Euro-Arab Organization for Environment, Water and Desert, Research, Turkey, 2012

4- Euro-Arab Organ.for Environment,Water and Desert Research, Jorden-Yarmook University. 2013

5- 4th Conference of Water Resources and Environment,Turkey,2013

6- 1st Conference of Environment and Development Sustainable, University of Technology,Iraq, 2013

7- 6th Jordanian International Civil Engineering Conference, Jordan, Amman, (JICEC 06), March 10-12, 2015

 8- IOP Conf. Series: International Conference on Materials Engineering and Science August 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

9- 19th International Conference on Civil,Environmental and Geological Engineering (ICCEGE), Rome, Italy, July, 17-18,2017

10 - International Journal of Arts and Sciences, France, Paris, 10 - 13 April 2017      

11- 5th International Conference on Green Energy and Environmental Engineering (GEEE-2018), Sousse – Tunisia 28-30 April 2018

12- International Journal of Arts and Sciences,British School at Rome, Italy, 25 to 28 September, 2018      

13- Training English Course for One Month, Liverpool ( UK ),(Oct.1- Nov.1),2011

14- Fall Course in the Center Iraqi Studies (CIS), University of Erlangen – Nuremberg, Germany (Sept.13 – Oct.04),2015

15- IOP Conf. Series: International Conference on Materials Engineering and Science , August, 2018,Istanbul, Turkey,Conference Paper

16- 5th International Conference on Green Energy and Environmental Engineering (GEEE),28-30 April 2018,Sousse - Tunisia,Conference Paper.

17- 1ST International Conference on Engineering and Advanced Technology, IOP Conference Series: Material Science and Engineering 11-12th February, 2020,University of Assiut, Egypt,Conference Paper.

18- 4th Scientific Conference of Engineering Science (ISCES 2020), with IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering,University of Diyala, College of Engineering, Iraq,Conference Paper

19- Fifth International Scientific Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development (5ISCESD) ,March 11-13, 2021,Environment Research Center-University of Technology, Iraq,Conference Paper