A Lecturer at University of Anbar Participates in Curriculum Book
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A Lecturer at University of Anbar Participates in Curriculum Book


Prof. Dr. Saif Al-Din Abdul Razzaq Salem, a lecturer at desert studies center in the university of Anbar, participated in authoring a scientific curriculum book entitled (Climate Change and Desert Control), which was recently published in cooperation with two lecturers from university of Baghdad.

The book deals with the phenomenon of climate change as one of the facts that should be taken into consideration in future plans for dealing with climate change indicators. Some of these facts represented by the increased degree of hot and cold waves, and the length of summer season.

The importance of climate change motivated the process of writing this book, which includes eight chapters. The first chapter includes the concept of climatology. The second chapter focuses on climate change. While, the third deals the concept of desertification. The fourth explained the drought, while the fifth chapter dealt with sand dunes. The sixth chapter allocated for water erosion and wind erosion modeling. The last two chapters included water collecting and the role of remote sensing and geographic information systems in monitoring and controlling desertification. In addition, the book focused on the applications, examples and images which contribute to deliver the knowledge easily to the beneficiaries, including students of agricultural engineering colleges, agricultural engineers, technicians, investors and interested farmers.

It is hoped that the book will be accepted and beneficial to our students and beneficiaries from specialists and farmers as a scientific source in our Iraqi and Arab scientific libraries.

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