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Zeyad Abdul-Jabar Abdul-Hamed (Professor)

PhD in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

Field Crops - Agriculture


Name :Zeyad Abdul-Jabar Abdul- Hamed

Date of Birth: 10/10/1970

No.Cheildren: 2

Specialization : Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

Position : College of Agriculture

Scientific Degree :  Prof



No Research Title Place of Publication Year
1 the genetic analysis of combining ability and some parametris in maize by using factoriyal hybridization  the Iraqi journal of Agriculture science 2011
the Iraqi journal of Agriculture science
3 MOLECULAR VARIATION BETWEEN OF MAIZE INBREDS The Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Science  

Sorghum genotype under Estimation of genetic parameters of

population densit

Jornal Anbar of Agriculture Science  
5 Estimation of Hybrid Vigour , Combining Ability And Gene Action Using (Line x Tester) Analysis in Maize The Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Sciences  
6 Genetic Performance of Inbred and Hybrids of Maize Under Irrecation Interval  IOP Conf. Series :Earth and Environmental Science  
Genetic Path Analysis and Correlation Studies of Yield and Its Components of SomeBread Wheat Varieties
IOP Conf. Series :Earth and Environmental Science 2021
8 RAPD Technique to Determine the Genetic Divergence of
Barley Genotypes
IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science





No. Subjects Lectures Stage File Video
1 plant breeding Introduction in Plant Breeding Fourth
2 plant breeding Reproductive Systems in Crop Plants Fourth
3 The Cell Fourth
4 Selection and Hybridization Fourth
5 Genetic Variations Fourth
6 Quantitative Inheritance Fourth
7 Plant Breeding Quantitative Inheritance Fourth
8 Plant Breeding Heterosis Fourth
9 Plant Breeding General Combining Ability GCA and Specific Com Fourth
10 Plant Breeding Synthetic Varities Fourth
11 Plant Breeding Sterility Fourth
12 Plant Breeding Population Genetics Fourth
13 Plant Breeding Pest Resistance Fourth
14 Plant Breeding Production and Distribution Fourth
15 Plant Breeding Biotechnology and Plant Breeding Fourth
16 Plant Breeding References Fourth


No Conferences Title Year Place Type of Participation
1 The 1st Scientific Conference 2010 college of Agriculture in Anbar  
2 The 1st Scientific Conference 2013 college of Agriculture in Baghdad  
3 The 2st Scientific Conference 2017 college of Agriculture in Anbar  
4 college of Agriculture in Anbar 2018 college of Agriculture in Tkret  
5 The  Scientific Conference 2018 The  Scientific Conference  
6 The 2nd International Scientific Conference 2019 College of Science , University of Al-Qadisiyah